About TriCore

“I never expected a service company to be as nice and accommodating as TriCore. Your team members are always cheerful, courteous and responsive to all of my needs. That is priceless. I suggest that any business owner seeking complete service go to TriCore.”

Fran Brambier, Owner, Brambier’s Windows and Walls – Miami, FL

Building Lifetime Relationships Through Exceptional Service and Value

Our mission is to deliver to middle-market employers the greatest of ease and affordability in the management of employee data, services and benefits.  By providing our customers with personalized service and fully integrated systems to handle their responsibilities as employers, we continuously nurture our long-term client relationships to ensure their utmost satisfaction and delight.

TriCore Believes:

Service is always personal:  Enjoy customer service Person-to-Person.  Our customer service representatives know their clients by name and understand their expectations.

Our customers define great products and services:  We strive to deliver the tools that save our customers time, money and aggravation; the products that offer the greatest value; and the consulting and administrative services enabling our customers to better run their business.  Customer satisfaction is our greatest measure of success.  Our unique satisfaction guarantee gives our customers the option to waive payment of our fees if they are not completely satisfied.

Customers deserve continuous advances in technology:  Human capital management requires increasingly intelligent, automated solutions.  Accordingly, we never stop working on new technology to integrate and automate data and process management.

Growth is necessary and desirable:  Our customers are not standing still, and neither are we.  Growth is necessary to the continued provision of services to expanding customers, and for the opportunities available to our team members.

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship:  Entrepreneurial spirit and drive built our company, and we don’t ever want to lose that.  We support and encourage the same spirit and drive for our customers.

Giving Back:  As a company, we contribute generously to charitable organizations, and our team members give generously of their time, skills and energy through participation in community services, charitable fund raising, and direct aid to persons in need.


Established in 2001 as AdminaSource, the company later adopted the trade name TriCore to better reflect the trio of core services (Payroll, Benefits and HR Management) we provide to our clients.  Operating as a regional provider for medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations, TriCore has grown rapidly, expanding from its headquarters in Robbinsville, New Jersey, to offices in Florida, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.  TriCore now serves over 350 enterprises totaling more than fifteen thousand employees.