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“After 6 years of only using TriCore’s payroll services, they offered to quote our employee benefits plans. I was amazed when they managed to both lower our deductible and save us $240,000 per year for our 32 employees.”

Robert Haier, EnCap Investments

You really don’t have to waste time, money and sleep over employee benefit plans.  A competent broker will do the heavy lifting in terms of research, evaluation and recommendation of available benefit plans.

You want the very best for your employees, especially when it comes to health care, but medical expenses and medical insurance premiums keep going up, and it may not be possible for you to pass increased costs on to your employees or your customers.

With TriCore as your benefits broker, you can be sure that every reasonable strategy has been explored for cost containment, without sacrificing plan value.  As an independent broker, we serve you, not an insurance company.  Our objective is to help you select the plan that is right for you.  Our licensed agents will present a variety of options, including fully-insured and partially-self-insured plans, with side-by-side comparisons of benefits and costs.  Our cost reduction strategies have saved our clients tens of millions of dollars, and we are constantly looking for new ways to provide outstanding benefits at the lowest possible cost.

TriCore is authorized to present plans from just about every major medical insurance company in America, along with a number of large general agencies and third party administrators.  Whatever your circumstances, we have the expertise and the support to help you select and implement the plan that best meets your needs.

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