Human Capital Management

Human Capital isn’t just your employees, but the qualities of those employees that create economic value for your organization: the collective skills, knowledge, experience, intellect, creativity, energy, spirit and passion that drive your business.

To maximize the economic value of your human capital requires the effective acquisition, development and employment of those qualities through Human Capital Management (HCM).  The practices, processes and applications that comprise the HCM system may be primarily strategic or primarily tactical and may include:

Strategic Applications:

  • Organizational Vision and Goals
  • Workforce Planning
  • Performance Management and Reward
  • Workforce Education and Training

Tactical Applications:

  • Employee Information Management
  • Recruiting, Screening and Hiring
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Payroll Administration
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Employee Service Center
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Rules and Procedures Administration
  • Reporting and Analytics

The most effective human capital management system integrates all of the organization’s HCM applications into a single platform, usually through vendor-supplied human capital management software.  Software may be locally installed as, or as part of, an enterprise class system, or provided via the Internet as a subscription service, an increasingly common practice.

TriCore’s all-new Human Capital Management System, HRNext, is the ultimate answer to every cost-conscious employer’s wish for a comprehensive HR/HC management program that is fully integrated with payroll and benefits administration and is ridiculously inexpensive.  Click the video on the left for a demonstration!

Because the software resides in the “cloud” and is delivered via the web, there is no hardware or software to buy or maintain, and upgrades are made continuously. This entire, awesome system is available to you almost literally at the flip of a switch.

Our HCMS has all the features and functions you would expect in a system costing millions of dollars, but you pay only a small subscription fee.

System Features:

  • Easy to implement, easy to use, easy to afford
  • Intuitive searching, sorting, drag and drop features, and ad-hoc report writing
  • Secure data encryption
  • Accessible 24/7 from everywhere
  • Works on all major browsers and tablets, and most modern mobile devices
  • Automatic upgrades & maintenance
  • Integrated with payroll and tax processing system
  • Coming soon: Integration with employee benefits administration system

Functions Supported:

  • Employee Data Management (Profile & History)
  • Performance Reviews
  • Recruiting & Applicant Tracking (under construction)
  • Hiring, Onboarding, Terminating
  • Report Writing
  • Online Enrollment Feeds
  • Employee Self-service
  • Events Dashboard

Imagine being able to manage workflow, enter payroll data, enter or change benefits elections and deductions, produce custom reports, store and access documents and find any employee information, all from a single sign-on.