Marketing Partner Programs

Employee Benefits Brokers

Attract larger clients and improve your current client relationships by offering comprehensive HR capabilities at low cost.

Partnering with TriCore is the first step in competing on a level playing field with the major HR outsourcing companies.   ADP, Paychex and other HR service providers have expanded their service offerings, combining payroll and employee benefits administration, and increasingly targeting YOUR small business clients.  With TriCore ‘s backing, you can provide the same services, usually at a lower cost to your client.

Our partners receive TriCore’s expertise in the fields of:

  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Administration
  • Tax Compliance
  • Human Resources Management Support
  • Regulatory Compliance (including ACA)

Our professional support team will help you provide a higher level of service for your clients, while increasing your revenues through growth and retention.

We Provide Your Clients:

Real Cost Savings:  When TriCore serves as both the payroll administrator and the benefits broker/administrator, the total administrative fees charged to the client are substantially less than what the client would pay for comparable services from separate providers.

Convenience:  When payroll and benefits administration are consolidated, the client has a single point of contact for both those services and for onboarding or terminating an employee and further, the completeness, accuracy and integrity of employee data are substantially increased.

Additional Resources:  TriCore offers free HR consulting services via phone and provides a number of more intensive HR functions (e.g., employee handbooks, training, background investigations, employee relations assistance, etc.) for a modest fee.

Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation:  TriCore has workers’ compensation administration agreements with most major carriers, so our clients avoid up-front deposits and year-end audits.

Service Integration Management:  With TriCore as your supporting partner, you can compete effectively for clients demanding integrated payroll and benefits administration and HR information management systems from a single source.  Realize the opportunities for additional income by attracting larger clients.  In addition to commissions on group health, dental, vision and life insurance plans, you also receive a portion of income earned for administration of workers’ compensation insurance, retirement savings plans, and payroll processing.

Client/Broker Advantages

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Reduce time and money spent on customer service
  • Devote more time to business development
  • Increase your client retention rate
  • Expand and add value to client relationships
  • Compete for larger clients
  • Increase your customer service capability

PEO & ASO Sales Representatives and Brokers

If you are currently selling for a PEO, TriCore can offer an attractive alternative for prospective clients not meeting your employer’s underwriting criteria.

We offer a lucrative residual commission program for brokers who wish to sell and service clients for TriCore, or, for those simply making referrals without involvement in the sales proposal and client service, we offer generous referral fees.

Ask us how to become a broker representative