Payroll & Tax Services

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“When TriCore said they could reduce our payroll costs by over $25,000,
I was skeptical, but we gave it a try, and they actually saved us over $150,000.”

Administrator, New Jersey Surgery Center

All the Benefits of Outsourcing, But Completely Within Your Control!

TriCore’s payroll administration service is highly responsive to your needs and wants, giving you the feel of an in-house department, without the hassle of managing and maintaining the system.

TriCore Delivers:

  • Payroll reports and information retrievable anytime, anywhere, via the web
  • Payroll reports configured to your specifications
  • Guaranteed, error-free, on-time delivery of payrolls
  • Automated interface to your general ledger, regardless of your GL package
  • Automated interface to your time and attendance system
  • Direct access for employees to their payroll information

Your Payroll Tax Funds Are Safe!

Take comfort knowing that your payroll tax funds are safe, because, unlike most payroll service companies, TriCore never touches your tax money.  TriCore uses one of the largest, most trusted tax-filing services in the nation to ensure your tax dollars go directly to the taxing agencies without ever passing through a TriCore account.

Our Standard Payroll Service Provides:

  • 24/7 access to the database via PayEntry, the Web-based data entry and retrieval system
  • Timelock interfaces
  • General ledger interfaces
  • Report writer to easily customize your reports
  • Employee self-service pay history and check view
  • Employer access to employee information, including:
              –  Personal and dependent information
              –  Benefits elections and deductions
              –  Training and license information
              –  Performance and reporting history
  • New hire and termination processing
  • Dozens of standard reports including:
              –  Workers compensation
              –  Labor cost distribution
              –  Birthdays
              –  PTO accrual

Each Pay Period

  • Payroll checks and/or direct deposits
  • Employee earnings statements
  • Payroll journal
  • Department summaries
  • Timesheets
  • Payroll deduction registers, as required
  • Transfer of funds from your account for: FICA, Federal, State withholding and SUI

Every Deposit

We will automatically deposit all tax liabilities on your behalf, including:

  • FICA, Federal, State withholding and SUI
  • Notify you of all deposits made for your records


  • 941 Quarterly Return
  • State Unemployment Insurance Return
  • State Quarterly Wage Return
  • Deposit for Federal Unemployment Insurance


  • Employer Federal and State W-2s
  • W-3 recap of Federal Withholding
  • 940 Federal Unemployment Insurance form
  • copies of all filings for your records


  • Production and delivery of employee W-2 forms
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Time & Attendance System Interface
  • Custom General Ledger Interface

Additional Services:

In addition to the standard administrative services, TriCore offers the following services through alliances with its strategic partners:

  • Unemployment claims management
  • Carrier bills reconsolidation and reconciliation
  • COBRA premium billing, collection and remittance
  • Flexible Spending Account administration
  • HRA and HSA administration
  • Payroll debit cards
  • Time and attendance systems