Retirement Savings Plans

What’s the very best retirement savings plan for your employees?  Okay, it’s a trick question, because there really is no plan that will satisfy every wish of every employee.  However, some plans offer a great deal more flexibility and individual customization than others.  Some feature simplicity and ease of installation and administration; some offer unlimited investment advice to participants; and some claim to have the lowest administration fees.  There are lots of choices.  The most common type of employer-sponsored retirement savings plan today – the 401(k) plan – can be structured in hundreds, if not thousands, of different ways, and may be offered by any of hundreds of different providers.  The possibilities are almost limitless, not to mention confusing.

TriCore works with a variety of highly respected plan providers, administrators, brokers and Registered Investment Advisors and can help you obtain the expert advice that you need to select the most appropriate plan type for your organization.

Already have a plan but are not sure if it stacks up to the competition? Our advisory partners will evaluate your plan and compare its features and costs to various alternatives at no cost to you.

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