Kirsten Baittinger, Controller, Digital Legal Services LLC

“A big THANK YOU to everyone at TriCore for making my job much easier.  I’m extremely happy with your service in attending to any issue that might arise.  I look forward to a long relationship with this great company.”

Carlos Beruff, President, Medallion Homes

“After four years with a big PEO, the savings were no longer there.  I decided to switch to TriCore and now I have more control and am saving over $600 per employee, about $15,000 a year!  More importantly, TriCore’s service is far superior to the PEO; TriCore treats us as a client, not merely an account number.  I highly recommend this company and urge you to call TriCore for a proposal.”

 Lisa, Gulf Coast Vein & Laser

“It is such a pleasure working with your staff.  Their help, professionalism and attention to detail, has made this transition much easier than we expected.  We are so happy we made the change!”

 Mark Keller, Center for Autism

“Thank you for your hard work in making this quick and seamless transition, I am truly impressed!  Our HR Manager says TriCore is the best group she has ever worked with.”

 Bruce McGovern, Texas Business Owner

“The greatest advantage of working with TriCore over ADP is having specific individuals to talk to.  We have saved a lot of money, and the service has been terrific.”

Ingrid Clark , Global Head of HR, Unilever T2 & Maille Mustard

“Steven, it has been almost two years since we started using TricoreHCM for several of our US brands and I just wanted to call out and praise your team members –always so helpful, prompt, and informative….nothing is a problem. Leaders/managers are often only advised when things are a problem, and praise and recognition is seldom called out. So I just wanted to let you know that your service and support and for that matter all of your people are true asset to your business. We truly lucked in when we connected with you.”

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Nancy Kieling, President: “We love TriCore.  It is great to work with a partner that you have complete confidence in.”

Client Spotlight

The Princeton Area Community Foundation builds community by promoting and encouraging philanthropy across greater Mercer County and central New Jersey.  They attract donations from individuals, families, businesses and foundations and then distribute grants to non-profits in accordance with the donors’ wishes.  This helps the donors in building permanent endowments for the support of the area.  The Community Foundation leverages new funds, creates partnerships to invest in long-term stability, prudent growth and to enable residents to have a hand in solving community problems.


A combination of legal compliance concerns, complicated benefits management and the demands for payroll processing led the Foundation to move from handling all payroll, benefits and HR in-house to using an integrated solution provider.  In addition to health insurance, the Foundation had been providing employees life insurance and long-term disability coverage, which complicated benefits management.  Benefits consulting had previously been provided by an intermediary, that the Foundation described as “mediocre” at best, and the CFO was spending an exorbitant amount of time on payroll processing.  The cost of payroll was getting out of hand and there was fear of not adequately fulfilling legal compliance.

The tipping point was the realization that it was time to “grow up” as an organization; this following the natural growth of the company, over a span of almost 15 years.  Overall there was a need for streamlining their process.

The Foundation went through a very thorough consideration process when selecting their integrated provider of payroll, benefits and HR.  They received bids from no less than three companies, in addition to placing requests for references.  Following review of all the options, TriCore was selected due to its low costs provisions, very positive remarks given by references and the array of services offered.


When beginning the partnership with TriCore, the Foundation was seeking greater efficiency with payroll processing, peace of mind regarding regulatory compliance, ease in adjustments to payroll and benefits when adding or removing employees and overall confidence that things were being handled properly by professionals.

In the five years working with TriCore, the company has lived up to each of these expectations, going above and beyond. As a result of their satisfaction, the Foundation has referred others to TRICORE and will continue to do so. They recommend TriCore as a means by which companies can achieve greater efficiency and cost management.


It is impossible to know for sure the exact savings that the Foundation has incurred as a result of working withTriCore. A price cannot be placed on having confidence that things are being handled properly.  Additionally, the prior time demands that had been placed upon the CFO to manage payroll and benefits have been removed, to allow attention to be refocused on organizational goals.

Partnership with TriCore
The Foundation has had a very favorable experience with TriCore, which can be greatly accredited to the excellent team members. All company representatives have been knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. The quality of service has led the Foundation to think of them more as a partner than a vendor.

From initial setup to the present, TriCore has offered superb assistance. The team is well-versed in the company’s offerings, and stays up-to-date regarding industry happenings, new legislation and rulings that impact small businesses. When it comes time for renewals, the TriCore representatives sit down with the Foundation to review their options, and to ensure full understanding of the plans available.

Based upon the experience, the Princeton Area Community Foundation gives an A+ to the TriCore staff.

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Bob Andrews, CFO: “TriCore has been very beneficial to our company.  They are easy to use and are always there if you need help.  They have a better process than other providers we have worked with in years past.”

Client Spotlight

Karnak manufactures Energy Star-rated maintenance solutions for buildings that face extreme weather conditions.  Their solutions are inclusive of a complete line of reflective coatings, cements and sealants for roofing and waterproofing.  Over time, these products save companies money by preventing moisture and water intrusion, and reducing energy consumption.  The company serves markets in North America, Europe and Asia.


Prior to embarking on a partnership with TriCore, Karnak worked with a variety of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs).  Each suited the company’s needs in some ways, but failed to provide a comprehensive administrative and employee benefits program.  There was always one or more elements missing from the programs offered by these providers- from the level of support, to cost, to quality assurance, to the desirability of the plans offered.  It was even discovered that one prior provider had not been turning over the employee benefits premiums to the insurance company.

Throughout the time that Karnak worked with its other providers, CFO Bob Andrews began speaking with a TriCore representative, who maintained communication throughout the time that the company was a PEO client.  The representative offered periodic suggestions of how TriCore could be of assistance in saving the company time, money and frustration.

The last PEO that Karnak worked with before partnering with TriCore as self-insured, and for the sake of stability and security, the company preferred to move to a fully-insured provider.  TriCore fit the bill in terms of this requirement, and Karnak had added confidence in the company as a result of the previously established relationship with the TriCore representative; they felt that the company could be trusted to handle their employee benefits and payroll processing needs.


Having worked with several other companies that provided administrative and benefits support, Karnak had experienced that for the most part, the systems that these providers offered were very similar with about 20% differentiation; with TriCore, they quickly realized that this was not the case. TriCore’s approach seamlessly integrated payroll, benefits and human resource administration so that the process was treated as a single payroll cost management program rather than an a la carte offering. In addition to its total payroll cost management system, TriCore provided support in evaluating plan options and selecting the best fit. This approach enabled TriCore to provide a greater variety of plan options and assurance of a custom solution rather than the “one size fits all,” or in this case “one plan fits all,” approach taken by other companies Karnak had encountered in the past.

Karnak has found TriCore to be accommodating.  Ad hoc requests for payroll reporting are always quickly satisfied.  The turnaround for typical payroll processing in general is also very favorable.  Every Monday the controller sends the payroll data to TriCore, which is then processed and handled.  TriCore sends the reports back the following day.  In support of green initiatives, TriCore has helped Karnak cut down on paper usage by refining the reports that are sent, and by only regularly sending those which are requested.


Karnak has saved a substantial amount of money by partnering with TriCore. Last year, when many companies experienced a substantial increase in insurance premiums, the premiums for coverage that Karnak was able to get through TriCore remained flat. This coming year, they only expect to incur a 10% increase, while many colleagues will experience a 25-35% increase.

In the more than five years that Karnak has worked with TriCore, other companies have offered free estimates of how much they could save Karnak. The numbers that these competitors generate are consistently higher than what the company is paying through TriCore.

Partnership with TriCore

What sets TriCore apart from the competition is their level of professionalism. TriCore has offered Karnak the highest level of support that the company has ever experienced. Representatives are knowledgeable, caring and consistent, and have been very creative in putting together custom packages to
fit their needs.  HR questions are always answered promptly and accurately, associates offer a wealth of knowledge, report requests have a quick turnaround time, and the system is “user-friendly”.  Karnak associates are confident that their payroll and benefits are being managed, without needing to “check in” on TriCore. This frees up their time to focus on other business objectives and responsibilities.

Overall Karnak gives “high marks” to TriCore and its team of professionals, and would refer them to any company seeking administrative and employee benefit support.

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Chris Wetzel, Administrator: “TriCore is an excellent company; I highly recommend them.  I couldn’t even try to find something I don’t like.”

Client Spotlight

The Surgery Center at Hamilton (SCH) provides state-of-the-art technology for surgical procedures and diagnostic studies that do not require an overnight stay. Their skilled surgeons and dedicated staff offer a multitude of procedures.  Areas of specialty include, but are not limited to, gastroenterology, gynecology, pediatric care and plastic surgery.  The SCH strives to provide the highest quality care, offering many comforts of home, to put patients at ease. Their attention to detail and goal of offering the best possible patient experience creates a hassle-free environment for both patients and their families.


One year ago, frustration over high administrative fees, bulky/clumsy payroll systems and a lack of confidence in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that they were using for these services, prompted the SCH to look for a new provider. At the time, the SCH viewed the benefits package as the main strength of the PEO’s offering, but this was being overshadowed by the limited payroll system, exorbitant fees and lackluster HR services. Desiring a comparable benefits package, with greater overall human resource program efficiency for a lesser cost, the SCH initiated its search for an alternative.

TriCore was one of the providers interviewed by the administrator of the SCH; the first impression captured the SCH’s attention, and the level of professionalism experienced was unmatched by other providers being considered.  The TriCore representatives were extremely thorough, and left no stone unturned as they worked through different ways to save money and provide the support that the SCH was seeking.  After identifying various areas for potential savings and increased efficiency if they transitioned away from their current PEO and moved to the TriCore Payroll Cost Management (PCM) model, TriCore was selected as the new provider of administrative services and benefits assistance for the SCH.

At the beginning of their partnership, TriCore team members sat down at length with the SCH administrator, to design cost-effective benefit plans. Numerous meetings were held to discuss the options; representatives were very helpful throughout the process, and held their hand, so to speak.

Subsequently, representatives held meetings with the entire SCH staff, to introduce the plans and assist in completing the paperwork. Since that time, TriCore has taken a lot of the paperwork burden off of the staff, by streamlining the process. Now, when a new employee is added, the SCH has the comfort of knowing it will be processed correctly and efficiently.

Another area where TriCore improved efficiency was with regard to processing bi-weekly payroll, which in the past had been very time-consuming for the SCH. TriCore was able to take the SCH’s time and attendance system and develop a custom script, to have the data flow directly into the payroll system. This streamlining resulted in minimal change on the SCH’s end, and greatly simplified payroll processing by automating the transfer of time clock data, directly to TriCore.


Having worked with TriCore for less than a year, the SCH does not yet have a year-over-year comparison, so cannot exactly pinpoint total savings. However, they can say with certainty, that they have reduced their overall healthcare expenditures by over $100,000.

As a result of the excellent customer service and the TriCore model, savings are not only visible in terms of money conserved, but also in time and burdens removed from the staff—something for which you cannot set a value.

Relationship with TriCore representative, Judy Levine

At the beginning of the process, the SCH had frequent contact with Judy Levine.   Reflecting upon the interaction that the SCH had with Judy, Administrator Chris Wetzel referred to her as simply, “awesome.”  She is smart, creative and has a genuine understanding and appreciation for fiscal responsibility.

Due to the extensive work at the onset of the SCH’s partnership, they are now at a stage with the system put in place by TriCore, where they find themselves contacting Judy less frequently.  When questions arise, however, they know that Judy will be fully responsive and is a great resource of information; if she doesn’t have an answer for you she will find someone who does.

HR Director Bill Potter was very helpful in recruiting efforts for the SCH.  Not only did he provide employee selection insight, he filtered their applicants’ resumes and sent the most qualified and relevant applications along to the SCH staff for interviews and selection; this saved the SCH a lot of time and frustration.  He also assisted in publishing an employee manual that reflected current state and federal regulations.

TRICORE is perceived as a great company that has met all of the needs of the SCH. All concerns are resolved with cost-effectiveness maintained as the top priority, and the team is immediately responsive to emails and requests. As a result of their exceptional service, the SCH has referred several other companies to TriCore, and will continue to do so.

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