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Reasons to Integrate Benefits Administration and Payroll 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

Reasons to Integrate Benefits Administration and Payroll

Benefits administration and payroll are separate yet interrelated functions, resulting in a series of overlapping activities. For example, the following benefits must be implemented, managed, tracked, distributed and reported from a benefits and payroll perspective. Medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. Retirement plan. Flexible spending plan. Health savings accounts. Travel and accident plan. Workers’…

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Employee Overpayment Can Lead to Problems 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

Employee Overpayment Can Lead to Problems

You may have overpaid an employee because someone entered the wrong information into the system. Or maybe the employee or his or her supervisor submitted inaccurate data. Either way, this type of error is usually easily fixable. You do have to follow certain procedures, however. Reclaiming the Overpayment Under federal law, you can deduct wage…

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How to Convince Employees to Take Time Off 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

How to Convince Employees to Take Time Off

A 2017 survey by Glassdoor concluded that 91 percent of employees took some vacation in the previous 12 months, increasing from 85 percent in 2014. Despite this upswing, the average employee has taken only around half of his or her available paid time off in the past 12 months. Research by Project Time Off found…

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Is ‘Selective’ Health Coverage Permissible? 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

Is ‘Selective’ Health Coverage Permissible?

Group health insurance can be expensive for employers, which is why cost savings is often the primary reason employers seek to offer coverage only to particular employees. Generally speaking, this is permissible, but, there are several legalities to consider, including the Affordable Care Act, employment-based classification and discrimination laws. The Affordable Care Act You are…

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Medical Marijuana in the Workplace 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

How will your company feel the impact of legalized medical marijuana? Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia. However, there are still lots of questions about its applicability. Here are some insights and interpretations: Medical marijuana is prescribed for folks suffering from serious medical conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease,…

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Wondering Whether Self-Funded Is the Way to Go? 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

Wondering Whether Self-Funded Is the Way to Go?

The cost of health care plans keeps going up. However, you may have an option you didn’t even know about: Switching to a self-funded plan can help. You’ll pay only for what you need and use. Here are some of the benefits: Zero premium taxes and lower administration costs can lead to impressive savings. Group…

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Should You Honor All W-4 Requests? 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

Should You Honor All W-4 Requests?

Form W-4 helps employers determine how much federal income tax to take out of their employees’ wages. On the form, employees state their withholding conditions, such as filing status, number of allowances and any additional amount they want withheld. It is the employee’s responsibility to fill out the form so that the right amount is…

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Which Benefits Do Employees Value the Most? 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

Which Benefits Do Employees Value the Most?

The need to remain competitive spurred one-third of organizations to boost their benefit offerings throughout most of 2016, according to the 2017 Employee Benefits Survey by the Society for Human Resource Management. The impetus for this competitive streak can be attributed to the talent shortage many employers face today. Per ManpowerGroup’s 2016-2017 Talent Shortage Survey,…

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Handling the Wages of a Deceased Employee 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

Handling the Wages of a Deceased Employee

When an employee passes away, the proper disposition of his or her wages is not always clear.   State law generally dictates what to do with the deceased employee’s wages, but the issue can be complex, with a number of statutes possibly coming into play. Final Pay Inclusions You will first need to review applicable state…

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4 Tips for Successful Absence Management 1200 628 Mackmedia-Team

4 Tips for Successful Absence Management

Absence management is a strategic weapon that employers leverage to help maximize employee productivity. It involves administering programs designed to reduce absenteeism and return employees to work as quickly and as safely as possible. Employers are increasingly viewing absence management as a top priority. Per Guardian’s “2017 Absence Management Index and Study,” companies with 250…

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