GAC Employees Pitch in for Flood Relief


GAC Employees Pitch in for Flood Relief

GAC Employees Pitch in for Flood Relief 864 452 Tricore

Happy hands are helping hands.

This past October heavy rains caused severe flooding on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Immediately after the flood in Trinidad, employees of GAC Shipping (a TriCore client) began collecting and distributing supplies for affected families.

Click here to see dramatic photos of the flooding and relief efforts.

This may not seem unusual or especially newsworthy, except that, according to GAC HR Manager, Patty Kurczewski, it is not at all certain that the GAC employees would have come together in this way a year earlier. According to Patty, just one year earlier morale GAC’s employees in Trinidad was very low, with about 90% of employees saying they were considering leaving the company. So, what happened in the intervening year? GAC HR management made a very deliberate and serious effort to improve leadership, provide additional employee training and support, and address employee satisfaction.

Collaborating on the morale-improvement program was TriCore’s Elva Guerra, who visited Trinidad with Patty and helped to formulate and implement the program.

Just days before the flooding, GAC Trinidad hosted a family outing and team building exercise. Today, GAC’s employees in Trinidad feel like family and are happy in their work.