Introducing The Caliper Profiles

Introducing The Caliper Profiles

Introducing The Caliper Profiles 150 150 tricore

The more a manager or employer knows about a person’s mindset and personality, the easier and more objective are decisions regarding hiring, promotion and career development. Since impressions obtained in an interview are often misleading, use of a scientific evaluation tool is a much better way to assess a candidate for hire or promotion.

TRICORE is pleased to announce its new partnership with CALIPER, a New Jersey based provider of employment assessment tools including the Caliper Profile, a scientific instrument for in-depth personality assessment and job matching. The Caliper Profile has been validated by nearly a half-century of research and measures over twenty-two different personality traits that relate to job performance. It also contains a cognitive piece, which measures capacity for abstract reasoning and has been shown by numerous studies to be the most reliable predictor of success in a role. Whether you are assessing the suitability of a candidate for hire or evaluating employee potential for advancement, the Caliper Profile will help you make informed decisions. The survey can be taken online or in paper format, and it provides clear, objective information on an individual’s strengths, limitations, motivations and potential. Since it was first developed, the Caliper Profile has undergone continuous refinement, and ranks today as one of the most advanced tools for matching personality to job performance.

Caliper consultants analyze those traits in a variety of combinations to advise you on: hiring someone new; improving employee performance; building more effective teams; and working to take your company to the next level.

To register with Caliper and take advantage of our special TriCore customer discounts, just click on the link below.