Time and Attendance

An Automated Timekeeping System is your key to real Workforce Visibility and Workforce Management.  Accurate tracking and reporting of hours worked (including overtime) and hours scheduled will help you manage your workforce for maximum productivity, avoid overpayment of employees, and comply with Wage and Hour Regulations, Overtime Pay Requirements, and the Affordable Care Act!

TriCore offers Automated Timekeeping Systems for every working environment and budget, from instant-on plug and play, to highly customized systems.

Benefits of Automated Timekeeping Systems:

  • Cut Labor Costs: Eliminate punch approximations
  • Reduce Clerical Costs: Reduce human error and cut administrative time
  • Improve Employee Habits: Eliminate “buddy-punching,” reduce late arrival/early departures
  • Employer Compliance: Labor dispute protection, department of labor compliance, FLSA compliance, and ACA compliance
  • Employee Accountability: Track salaried & hourly employees, improve punctuality, and increase productivity
  • Convenience: Eliminate paperwork and access records immediately online
  • Supervisor Visibility: Track employee behavior, improve staff coverage tools, view by employee
  • Scheduling: View, plan and track to improve labor coverage strategy
  • Employee Morale: Eliminate burden of tracking time, ensure payroll accuracy
  • Manage growth: Control costs and manage staff

If you are using a manual timekeeping system, let us show you how easy and affordable it can be to upgrade to a fully automated system that is seamlessly integrated with your payroll system.

Our workforce solutions include both Time & Attendance Tracking and Work Scheduling tools. To learn more about how either or both of these tools can benefit your organization, call Jim Castelize at 609-918-2668 or email jcastelize@tricorehcm.com. Jim will explain the features, costs and benefits, as well as offering a live demonstration. You may also view an animated demo of either of the tools by clicking on the applicable button below: