Wayne Lynn, Executive Director

In 2004, Mr. Lynn was elected Executive Director and Corporate Secretary, bringing extensive management and operational experience to the company.  Previously, he served as the President of the $500 Million (Revenue) PEO Division of TeamStaff, Inc., a NASDAQ company; the President/Founder of HR2, a Boston-based HR outsourcing company and CEO of Employee Services of America, a Florida-based HR outsourcing company.

Earlier, Mr. Lynn served as CEO of Founders Financial Corporation, a publicly owned insurance holding company; until founding his own insurance holding company, Suncoast Financial Corporation, and serving as principal and CEO until the company’s sale in 1994.

Mr. Lynn is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of California’s Graduate School of Business.  He has earned multiple sales licenses in all lines of insurance and variable annuities, and has served on the board of numerous corporations, banks and non-commercial organizations.

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